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The Stretta Procedure is an endoscopically-guided outpatient treatment, performed in an endoscopy unit (median procedure time 60 mins.). A certified endoscopist delivers controlled radiofrequency energy to the muscle of the Gastroesophageal junction improving its barrier function and the symptoms of GERD. Patients go home that day, and most return to normal activities the following day. Learn more.

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Have Questions About Reflux and Reflux Correction? Dr. Noar Has Answers!
Throughout the years, Dr. Noar has had many patients ask him questions about reflux and the Stretta procedure. This is a compilation of those questions and Dr. Noar's answers. Question: Does GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease) progressively worsen over time? Answer: GERD is a degenerative and progressive disease . Every human is different as to why they have it and what will make them better.

Question: Who is an ideal candidate for the Stretta procedure?

Answer The most ideal candidate  would be a patient with no hiatal hernia, documented acid reflux that corresponds to symptoms ,and a normal manometry study. However, the Stretta procedure, because it works on the internal lower esophageal sphincter (LES), works on virtually all forms of reflux disease. So even the patients who are less ideal, such as patients with low sphincter pressure or hiatal hernia is up to 3 cm, will still benefit from the procedure. Even patients with LPR, some of the most difficult to treat, respond very well to reflux correction with this procedure. Question: What is the patient success rate with Stretta? Answer: There are many patients who respond in the 4-8 month interval after a Stretta procedure. The statistics I have noted in my own patients are as follows: 25% full response in 8 weeks, 50 % full response months 3-8, 20% full response months 9-12 and 5% full response months 12-14. One thing to consider is a second Stretta if repeat testing after 4-6 months shows continued reflux. Question: Does insurance cover the cost of the Stretta? Answer: No. Unfortunately, insurance companies still consider Stretta to be "investigational" and "experimental".This is a very important issue, and actually quite complex. I think there is no one that is happy with the high cost of medical care these days, and the Stretta procedure is no exception. It is important to note that the procedure is performed using a disposable single use only catheter, that is handmade, extremely safe, well engineered, and sells in the US for the list price of approximately $2700. In Europe or other countries it may cost as much as $4000 or more. When considering the cost of the procedure it is not simply the cost of the catheter that needs to be considered. There are other costs including anesthesia services, the cost of the actual facility in which the procedure is performed, and then of course the payment to the physician. I can assure you that the physician receives only a very small fraction of the overall cost of the procedure. The reason why facility costs are high because in order to maintain the proper safety standards, accreditation by governments and other private agencies, and a well-trained staff, the costs are quite high.  
Fixing GERD For Good-- In-Depth Interview With Dr. Mark Noar
"Gastroesophageal reflux disease is probably the most common disease in gastroenterology. It affects approximately 50 to 60 million people, most of which are taking some form of medication on a daily basis....." Read more >
The Stretta Procedure: A New Way To Reduce Heartburn

Dr. Noar, a gastroenterologist in the Baltimore area, introduces the Stretta Procedure, an alternative to lifetime drug therapy or surgery for patients with heartburn and regurgitation symptoms. The Stretta Procedure is a breakthrough in medical technology for the treatment of heartburn.

The Stretta Procedure takes less than an hour and is performed using conscious sedation at The Reflux Center. Patients are discharged after a few hours and return to normal activity the following day.

An Endoluminal Approach for Treating GERD
Dr. Mark D. Noar sat down with Reflux1 for an interview. Read it here on our website! Dr. Noar is especially known internationally for his research and work in the field of endoluminal treatment for GERD, and the motility abnormalities associated with GERD.